Compress JS


Compresses a Java Script file or FileSet to a new file or directory. By default, files are compressed even if the source file is older than the destination file, or when the destination file does not exist. However, you can explicitly not overwrite files with the overwrite attribute.

FileSets are used to select a set of Java Script files to compress. To use a <fileset>, the todir attribute must be set.


Attribute Description Required
file The Java Script file to compress. Yes, unless a nested <fileset> element is used.
tofile The Java Script file to compress to. With the file attribute, either tofile or todir can be used. With nested <fileset> elements, if the set of files is greater than 1, or if only the dir attribute is specified in the <fileset>, or if the file attribute is also specified, then only todir is allowed.
todir The directory to compress the file(s) to.
overwrite Overwrite existing files even if the destination files are newer. No; defaults to true.
flatten Ignore the directory structure of the source files, and compress all files into the directory specified by the todir attribute. No; defaults to false.
copyright A copyright statement that will be inserted at the top of the Java Script file(s). '\n' and '\t' can be used for inserting new lines and tabs respectively. No; defaults to no copyright statement being inserted.
test If true the task will go through the compression process but will not write the compressed file to the file system. This is useful if you just want to see how much the files can be compressed by or want to syntax check the Java Script No; defaults to false.
stripCR If true the task will strip all new lines and the script will appear on one line only. No; defaults to false.
failonerror If false, log a warning message, but does not stop the build, when the file to compress does not exist or one of the nested filesets points to a directory that doesn't exist or an error occurs while compressing like the if the Java Script does not compile etc. No; defaults to true.
verbose Log the files that are being compressed and their compression ratio. No; defaults to false.

Parameters specified as nested elements


FileSets are used to select sets of Java Script files to compress. To use a fileset, the todir attribute must be set.


The compress-js task requires Ant 1.6.5 or later and the latest Custom Rhino jar from DOJO.

Ant Task Definition

<taskdef name="compress-js" classname="" classpathref="cp"/>
, where 'cp' is a reference to an Ant path which has the custom_rhino.jar and compress-js.jar as path elements e.g.

<path id="cp">
	<fileset dir="C:/compressjars" includes="**/*.jar"/>


Compress a single Java Script file

  <compress-js file="myFile.js" tofile="myCompressedFile.js"/>

Compress a single Java Script file to a directory

  <compress-js file="myFile.js" todir="../some/other/dir"/>

Compress a set of Java Script files to a directory

  <compress-js todir="../dest/dir">
    <fileset dir="src_dir">
      <include name="**/*.js"/>

  <compress-js todir="../dest/dir" copyright="// Copyright - All rights Reserved." verbose="true" stripCR="true">
    <fileset dir="src_dir" includes="**/*.js"/>

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